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Glazed Loaf Tins

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T Cake

Glazed Loaf Tins

Hi All,

I've been hanging around this forum for a while now - it's a great place. Thought it's about time to join up and join in, especially now I've got a question to ask!

A couple of the books I have recommend glazed bread tins. I'm in the UK, and have found that Bakery Bits sell Chicago Metallic 1lb tins, but that's a relatively small loaf for my house. Does any one have any advice on tins, or recommendation on where I could get hold of some glazed ones, perhaps nearer the 2lb mark?

Thanks in advance

T Cake

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I assume you've tried this?

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Hi from another U.K. baker.

Le Creuset stoneware seem to do glazed loaf tins of various sizes. The first link is to one of over 1 quart capacity, which should hold a 2lb loaf. The second dish is 1.5 litres, which if I got the maths right should also hold a 2lb loaf.

Kitchen Craft do what looks like a good quality metal 2lb tin. House of Frazer online sometimes carries this range and they have other regional stockists.

Hope you find what you are looking for.

Kind regards,  Daisy_A