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What sort of malt?

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overnight baker

What sort of malt?

I am trying to follow a bagel recipe and it asks for 1 tbs of "Diastic malt, either liquid or dry" and "Malt syrup, honey or sugar for boiling.

So I've scoured my local shops and I've managed to find a product called spraymalt in a brewing supplies store and malt extract from a health food shop (more detail below).

I'm happy to just throw in the malt extra where it asks for malt syrup as it can't be super critical if it suggests you can use honey or sugar. With the diastic malt however my (basic) understanding so far is that it has enzymes in it an that these might be important in producing bagels distinctive taste and texture.

Does anyone know whether either of the products I have found are likely to be 'diastic' and if not what difference that will make to my bagels?


Here's the blurb from the packet/jar:


SPRAYMALT MEDIUM. Rich malt flavour, ideal for bitters. Boosts the beer's natural body and results in a more rounded, mellow note to the final brew.

Use as a direct replacement for sugar in your brewing - lb for lb. Simply pour the sachet contents on to the beer kit extract in your fermenter and carry on brewing in the usual way.

Muntons Spraymalts are made using the finest premium malts, spray-dried into a fine soluble powder. This process is deisgned to retain all of the malt flavour, without imparting any burnt, off flavours. Spraymalts are ideal additions to any recipe, adding extra malt sugars and a delicious malt flavour.

Ingredients: Barley malt extract (from 100% malting barley)



Traditional English Malt Extract. Delicios in baking, on toast or over cereals.

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It contains lots of info re diastatic and non-diastatic malt powders.

The two you mention are probably non-diastatic; the link will tell you why.

David G

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overnight baker

Thanks for that, I saw this topic when I did a search this morning but when I saw Briess I thought it must be about something else, whoops!

I think I'll stick the malt extract in this time and try and order some diastic malt for next time.

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You can also get diastic malt powder from


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overnight baker

Thankyou for all of  your help.

I made them with the malt extract and they were delicious anyway but I'm tempted to try it with with the diastatic malt. Does anyone know a good place to order from in the UK (or get it from in Hampshire)?