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my latest focaccia

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my latest focaccia

hey everybody, just wanted to get some feedback on the last batch of focaccia i made. it's the reinhart recipe from american pie, which i love. it's all covered with ground parmesan, garlic and sea salt. i upped the hydration a little over what the recipe calls for and i think the crumb came out the best of any of the times i've made it. i'm pretty new to taking my breads seriously but i read the site a lot so i just wanted to see how i was coming along. i have my first sourdough starter going right now that should be ready to go into a pre-ferment tomorrow, so wish me luck with that. anyhow, how's the focaccia look?

sorry bout the slightly blurry pic, phone camera.



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Your got me at garlic and parmesan. Your off to a great start. I love a good Focaccia and the topping are some of my favorite. I haven't tried PR and looking at yours I will have to give it a try. PR American Pie certainly has some wonderful recipes. Good luck on your new starter ;)

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Those looks yummy,  I did PR Artisan Bread's Focaccia,  I wonder if they are the same? ooh I love the sound of garlic and parmesan.  got to try it the next round.

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with  Rosemary, garlic plus a sprinkling of Parmesan and cheddar on top. I'm from Hong Kong and the focaccia is the first bread I learnt to make at cooking class.  It's a holiday here today and I thought I would refresh my memory as it's been a while since i last made a focaccia.  Its only a small one using 250 grms of flour. Looking at your focaccia, I'm now wondering if mine is really a focaccia as the texture of the crumb is  like that of  a normal plain loaf, except that it's flat. Thanks to TFL , my breads have improved in texture just by looking at videos on kneading techiques.