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White corn and Whey Loaf (c) Dan Lepard's The art of handmade bread

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White corn and Whey Loaf (c) Dan Lepard's The art of handmade bread

It's been a month since I started baking with sourdough. So far every single recipe I tried (and there were plenty of them really) was successful and delicious!

This loaf is made with Italian 00 flour, corn flour (in the recipe white corn flour is used; I used simply fine corn flour, don't know whether it's the same thing) and whole-wheat. Oh and whey. I made it, as suggested by Dan Lepard, by stirring a bit rennet in milk and then straining mixture through cheesecloth.


I baked with steam at somewhat 220 C (my oven is damn old, it's hard to tell) for 40 minutes.

I really like the way it turned out, the colour, the crumb and holes - everything is perfect! I bet, the colour could have been more deep, but I was sort of afraid that the bottom might burn.


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Well done saumhain! nice open crumb. I'd love to see my starter back on track again.

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Thank You!

It was also really delicious!

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Nicely done, saumhain!


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