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Please help..

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Please help..

I  am a newbie and and only want to use whole whole grains.

I mill my grains using my new Wolfgang mill and I want to mill approximately 

5-10 pounds of flour ahead of time to use in the several weeks , 

Is there any loss of nutritious value that I should be aware of. 

I have a family of five and this is the  best way I can keep ahead of making whole wheat bread and not have alot of work of clean up ....


Any help or suggestions would greatly be appreciated..











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than as a ruling.  I don't mill my own flour but I do store my whole grain flours in the freezer to maintain maximum freshness as long as possible.  It helps keep the oils in the germ from going rancid.

As to effects on nutritive value, hmm, there I can't help you.  There are a lot of strongly held opinions about the subject but I haven't seen much in the way of studies to validate or refute those opinions. 

One thing is certain: the flour you mill and store in your freezer will be fresher than the flour that I purchase and store in my freezer.


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I was aware that WW could go bad due to the fats.  I have been storing my supply in the refrigerator - not the freezer.  Should I change to the freezer?