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Dough won't double

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Faith in Virginia

Dough won't double

This batch of dough won't double.  I've let it sit all day and it just stays the same.  Perhaps I should through it in trash and try again.













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Thanks for the laugh. This made my day :-)

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I volunteer to "NEED" it for a while ....

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I will take that useless dough from you.  Just hand it over! :-)


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What a gorgeous bowl!

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Mini Oven

and the right plates.  I'd go for low hydration and that beautiful bowl!

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Faith in Virginia

Funny thing how money got the slang of dough or bread  I wonder how that got started. 

I love the dough bowl as well, a guy not so far a way from me in North Carolina made that one.  This is a link to his site

I just thought it would make a cute picture so I thought I would share and give someone a little chuckle.

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It is my understanding that centuries ago, in Merry Olde Englande, meat was used as an item of barter.

Doe meat could be used... therefore... doe > dough.

In more recent times, the word "dough" came to be used as a monetary term in exchange for "bread."

"Eh, mon -- ya got any bread?"

~ B

But don't bet the farm on my correctitude.  :)




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...took the money thing further.  They traded deerskins as money.  Hence, we still have "bucks."  [buckskins]

So -- they got to... erm... eat their meat and have it, too [since they traded the skins].

~ B