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French bread 102

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French bread 102

That would be the French Bread II (with Pâte fermentée), also from Crust and Crumb. I mixed more all-purpose flour (4.5 of 7 cups) then bread flour. Added flaxseed. What's new: I used a razorblade to do the scoring, still have to get used to that. I allow for deeper scoring then the surgeon's knife, but it is more difficult to make a regular pattern. I'll have to find a straw to attach the blade too....

The inner-outside of the crumb is really good, in the middle it is getting close to ‘too thick'. Notes to myself: just do the ‘ready test' again (by pushing in a straw of wood), add more salt (this is too low for our taste), wait as long as possible with adding salt (let the yeast do it's word first). Otherwise: doing fine for a second batch of bread, doing great for the looks of bread.



One bread is already gone... (with salmon and other fish, really great tast). I used all of mine pâte fermentée, next time I'll save some for a next bake.

Happy baking,