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Have a slice with us....

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Have a slice with us....

This is a very important cake. My best friend in the whole world is having a birthday today, and I'd like you all to be at his party! Happy Birthday Eric Hanner!!!!  

   Eric, you have been a friend, and mentor, not only to me but many, many, people here on TFL. You help so many and since I found it impossible to get the whole internet full of your fans together any other way, we meet today, via internet, with our glass held high. A toast to you and your birthday. You have helped me not only with my breads, my pictures of them, my computer, you have  listened to me go on and on and on about my cakes. I feel like a part of the family, as do so many of the people here. So what else could a family do, but have you a party! So everyone, give your friend and mine ehanner a Big Birthday Cheer, and sit down and have a slice of cake. It will be fine, there are no calories in here! Oh, somebody bring the candles! See y'all there!






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Mini Oven

May your day be bright and your bread fulfilling!  I will light a candle for you here and pour a glass of sekt.  Prosit!  Happy Birthday Eric!



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Grateful friends from around the world wish you health and happy baking today.

My family toasts you when they toast their Italian loaves...still thanking you for all your help.


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Happy Birthday, Eric.  I'll be celebrating your birthday with Beijing Roast Duck tonight....don't think I can put candles on the roast duck though...cheers and may you have a wonderful baking time always!

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May you enjoy this one and every one that follows!


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Audra and all the rest of you, THANK YOU! What a nice Birthday surprise.

Happy Baking to you all and pass the duck please and I'll have a second piece of cake:>))


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Here comes the Roast Duck!!

They were roasted on wood fired oven.

From Shanghai....over to Eric

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   I can't wait to try the duck!


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Can't wait to try the duck and the cake...both look outstanding!


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And thank you Audra, for sharing his birthday with the rest of us!


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Happy Birthday!  Wishing you a bright and fun celebration.

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May your dough always rise,

May your loaf always spring spectacularly,

May your ears always open,

May your crust always be crackly,

May your crumb always be airy,

May you always enjoy your breads with your loved ones...

And keep on baking!


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Happy Birthday, to Eric and many more to come!


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Your always an inspiration to me.  Wishing you the Very Best of Birthdays today and always!


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Enjoy your virtual birthday dinner! Roast duck and chocolate cake ... Yum!


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And no, I didn't crash the party just for the eats...but since I'm here, pass over some of that ridiculously yummy-looking duck wouldja Jenny, please? And how do I stake a claim on a piece o that cake! Damn the cals!

Seriously, all the best and many happy returns, Eric, from a fellow Taurean! (Bulls rule).


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Eric, Happy Birthday to you.  Terry R

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I just saw this, must wish you a very happy birthday! I am grateful for all your help on and off the forum, I will bake some bread tonight in your honor - and take pictures of course! :)

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Well, you all know how to make me feel like I'm with close friends today. I don't usually make a deal out of this day and am admittedly left short of words on the thought of all this.

This has become a place for me where friends of a like mind cajole each other and share knowledge freely. I'm sure I have received more than I have given over the years and am thankful for it. That this virtual celebration has occurred is more of a statement of our mutual friendship than anything else. It's quite unique.

Thank you all.


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Happy birthday from New Zealand, Eric.  My sourdough bread now always turns out well, thanks to you taking the time to give me good advice.  I have passed on your hints to other bakers who are now also turning out good sourdough bread.  Thanks heaps and have a great day!  from Liz

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Happy Birthday! Eric

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Have a wonderful birthday!  :D

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   Thank you all for showing up! I know this is something that is not usually done on here. But I wanted to show Eric how much we all appreciate how much he gives of himself to us all. We are all better bakers, photographers, and what have you thanks to him. It was a pleasure to throw this party, now if you'll excuse me, I've got to clean up all this mess! Anyone still have bread left, I may need a sandwich!


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but Happy Birthday Eric!  Thank you for all your help here on TFL.  I make a delciously rich challah that you posted here and we refer to it as yours everytime I make it! 


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I hope it was wonderful.


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Mini Oven

The party got started early.  It's a weekend celebration!

I'll take another slice of cake, please!   Audra, sit back and relax!  Clean up can wait and have another glass of the bubbly!

All my best,


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Kahlua in there. I'll be pickled! LOL! Oh well, pass the glass!

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Happy Birth day Eric! May you be blessed with Healthy years of Freshloaves!

What a nice reminder to all of us Audra!