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My rye schrotbrot

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My rye schrotbrot

Recently I received a lot of cracked rye (actually I hoped it would be a batch of rye chops, but unfortunately it's not the case...).

I put it immediately to work to prepare my preferred rye bread, something in between frisian rye and this one done from my friend Gi.


The night before I prepared a soaker with:

-320 gr of cracked rye (there are a lot of barely broken berries and some very coarse flour)

-80 gr of old bread broken dried in the fridge  and broken in the mixer

-340 gr of boiling water

mixed very well, but quickly, and left to rest in a closed plastic container enveloped in a pile.

At the same time I would have generally prepared prepared a poolish with

-200 gr of dark rye flour

-170 gr of warm water (40°C)

-10 gr of rye sourdough

but this time around I prepared (1 day in advance) a three-stage leaven as in my post of Detmolder rye. For this kind of bread a three-stage is not necessary, but I tought I should mention it for the chronicle. Total hydratation is the usual and magical 85%.


After 12 hours I mixed the two compounds and added 12 grams of salt, kneaded well and put the dough in a 12 inches plum-cake form, left to ferment for threee hours at ~28°C. This kind of douh doesn't rise a lot, generally never more than 1/3 in height, but the acidity developed will improve the flavour of the bread and protect it from molds.


I cooked the bread totally enveloped in aluminum foil (3 rounds) at 120°C for 10 hours, then I put the bread in a linen sheet and waited 2 days before cutting it.

The taste is fantastic, sweet and sour with a remarkable caramel intensity; moreover -and contrary to my previous long bakes- there's something remembering a faint taste of liquor that I never tasted before, it's totally new to me.

The crust is absent and the crumb is moist as it should be. Contrary to most my other breads it dosn't even crumble when sliced thinly.


I also noticed that when sliced in advance the taste seems to improve sooner and seems to get sweeter in shorter time. Does it make any sense?




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This looks incredible. I'm very excited to try it... thanks for sharing.

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Mini Oven

It set up nicely after cooling. Your 3 stage starter is probably bringing in lots of complex flavours.  I'll have to try that.

Do you have sun?  It's cold and rainy here!  Still!  I'm ready to come south!  I just turned the furnace back on!  What little color my skin got in the garden the first week back, has faded away!  I just bought a pump in case water comes flowing into the basement!

Mini O

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Hi Mini,

thanks a lot. This bread came out fantastic especially thanks to your advices and Andy's.

Unfortunately the weather is terrible here: it's raining almost everyday. It feels more like being in England than in Italy. Temperature is around 20 degrees at most.


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Hey Nico,

The weather's better in England right now I think.

It's nearly sunny and warm; no rain!!!

This is a full-on rich loaf, obviously.   Lots of complex flavours.

I'v only done the Detmolder technique once; it's a great way to build a powerful rye leaven.

Great rye bread as ever

Best wishes