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Printing reciepes

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Printing reciepes

I am not the most computer literate, however is there a way to just print a listed reciepe in the forum without all other responces ? I tryed highlighting the reciepe content but had no luck any help would be great....oh and save me a lot of paper and ink  Thanks

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Have you tried highlighting the desired text, then copying and pasting into an ap like notepad or word pad. Then print from those aps?

I usually copy and paste into notepad. Then I copy and paste from notepad into wordpad. All of my recipes are saved into wordpad, then printed as needed. You can copy and paste directly into wordpad, but often code is carried over that you may not need, or want. Notepad strips that excess code out.

Good luck.

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got it down now and thanks a million for the help !

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There is a menu item at the bottom of the first message:Printer-friendly version

Click on that. A new window opens with just the original message, and you can use your standard print command to print it.

As mrfrost said, you can always just cut and paste into a new doc and print that, too.


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I really like EVERNOTE. It's free (there is a premium service which is charged,  the free version is enough for me) and it's very easy to use. 

I use it in numerous ways, but one thing is to 'clip' direct from websites. After you download the software, an evernote icon appears in your computer's browser. Highlight the section of a website you want, click the icon and a new note is created in Evernote, then print as required. No need to open any other application. You can add tags so it's very easy to search to find something you've clipped or a note you've made.

Once you get used to using it you'll come up with numerous ways of doing so.

Available for windows, mac and various portable devices. Easy to synch between devices too.

I have no affiliation with Evernote, just a happy user.

Cheers, Robyn

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I copy and paste in my word processing software a lot. However, another alternative is to highlight the recipe, then either right click with your mouse and choose "Print Preview" or click on "File," then "Print Preview. Another screen will open showing the entire thread. However, there is an option at the top of this screen which allows you to choose "As Laid out on Screen" (entire thread) or "As Selected on Screen" (just the highlighted portion). There are other ways you can manipulate the text, as well---you can change margins or you can change the size of text. I find the latter helpful when the text continues for just a few lines on a second page; I just make the text size smaller and then it will print on one page. Or, conversely, sometimes I want it to be printed a bit larger so I increase the text size.

I like to have this second option available, and I tend to go back and forth between copying and pasting and simply using the "Print Preview" feature in Windows itself.

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Oh Robyn, I scuttled off to the evernote site and got all excited as it sounds really good, but sadly they don't support any version of the Mac Os below 10.5.  It doesn't say it anywhere on their site until you have downloaded it.  But thanks for the pointer! If I get a new mac one day I will try again then.  Zeb

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I too was caught that way originally, but last year when my hard disc 'died' they put 10.5 on when replacing it and one of first things I put on myself was evernote. (Thank goodness for backup!) Having had the experience myself, I should have thought to point it out, my apologies. Robyn

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OK, this one is easy,

Select the text you want to print (highlight)

Click File/print or press (ctrl) p

on the window that pops up tick the "selection" and click "OK".


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and for more advanced printing needs there is always

Does exactly what it says. Paste the URL of the page you want to print and you can then remove all the extra stuff that you don't want and just print what you want.