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Thank you Nickisafoodie

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Thank you Nickisafoodie

I have twice made your "child-friendly" bread with a 70/30 mix of whole wheat and white flours, and my family really likes the results.  Soft, fluffy, rises well and a great taste with my locally grown hard red winter wheat that i grind finely in the Wondermill.  It keeps very well -- still fresh tasting even after four days on the countertop in a loosely closed plastic bag.  Thanks for being so helpful.

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When you can, try substituting 10% - 15% rye for the whole wheat, gives a nice added but subtle flavor.  I put charnushka seeds (black nigella) on the bottom of the loaf pan and about 1 tbs in the loaf preferment so it can soak too.  This seed is common in Russian Rye breads, rather than using the more typical caraway seeds.  A great rye bread!

Glad you and your family likes, many adaptations can come from simple recipe.  Happy baking...