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Con Agra flours

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Con Agra flours

I went past a bakery supply house while traveling, So I stopped by, they carry some Con Agra flours, I needed some Duram, so along with the duram, I tried a bag of ConAgra Producer and Occident, anyone ever try eith of these for pizza dough or breads



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Conagra's been discussed here before.

Their flours are bleached and bromated - apparently they use the carcinogen, potassium bromate.

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bread basket

If anyone has a nAmish Bulk STore somewhere close call them. They also carry KA flour. I just bought 50# for $ -.47/lb which seems to me pretty good. They can order for you in bulk whatever their supplier carries. Here in the east it is Duch Valley. Go on their website <<Dutch Valley .com>> to see what they offer.