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Baking with a Broken Wrist

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Baking with a Broken Wrist

I'm documenting the results of the help my wonderful family gave me this past month while I recovered from a bicycle accident in which I broke my left wrist.  Fortunately, I'm right handed, but the cast/brace severely limited my baking.  I'm not the only one who suffers if I can't bake - my family wants their bread, cookies and cake - and I now know without question that I am a baker for the love of it.  I missed baking!

Anyway, there was no kneading or shaping for me, (typing with one hand too!) so my family stepped in and did pretty well:

   He did the shaping above and we finished them together.

   Here he is rolling challah into ropes; we all had fun braiding.

The challahs below were shaped by my daughters who are    seven. One was a first braid accomplished alone and the other is an interpretaion of a rose.

My husband and I made the braid from a video we watched of Ciril Hitz.






The finished products:


He also helped form a couple sandwich loaves ( very sticky - very funny and sweet) and the girls helped with pizza one night too.

As one of my friends said, the kids gained some good life skills during these weeks.


Now, my wrist is healed and I have two sourdough rosemary boules coming out of the oven!




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And it looks like your support team was able to keep the family in bread during your recuperation.  Kudos to all!


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What a wonderful family you have to pitch and help with the baking!  I think they must have really enjoyed helping mom.  They all did a fantastic job helping you out with the bread shaping and baking.  I'm glad to hear your wrist has healed and you are back to baking.  Take it easy on the bike riding ; )


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How nice your whole family pitched in to help!  What group effort!  I broke my left wrist some 10 years ago and had to bake with the right one.  It was extremely difficult because I didn't have a stand mixer to knead the dough.  I was single so didn't have a husband or kids to help.  But at least it was the left wrist that was broken and I am right handed. :-)

Your loaves look lovely.  Way to go, family!


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That must have been so difficult.  I felt the same way, at least it was my left wrist!


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I would love to get more of my family into bread baking, but I don't know if it's worth a broken wrist to me. Hmmmm ....

I love the way your husband and kids took over the baking. Was it enough to hook them on it?


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Thank you all for your kind comments!

My kids mostly enjoy helping with the bread baking, especially kneading challah dough which I usually make in 5-8 lb batches.  My 11 yr. old son likes kneading too.  He has been my official hand mixer for a few years and now the girls are taking over.  Everyone enjoys shaping thier own individual challah, but no David, no one seems to be truly hooked yet.

The challah baking is a treat; the daily bread was more of a task and my husband (as usual) was terrific, but I am so glad to be baking again.

Thanks again everyone!