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AHHHH So happy to have found this forum! What a GREAT place to throw around ideas!

I am a whole wheat crack head and have so many questions it is not even funny!

Where to start?  hehe

First off, I am located in Pensacola Florida which is a "Wheat-AWAY" zone as far as I can see.  We have a local bakery here The Bread of Life which is good but it is not as cheap as anyone else out there in Montana or Idaho or where ever you can order it and pay for shipping.

Just thought I would start out asking a few quick questions before I read every post in here!  hehe

1) in terms of mills, is the kitchen aid adaptor any good at all?  I was wondering if I should buy a mill or just get the adaptor for the kitchenaid?  I would guess the mill is probably better and if that is the case, for personal use, are there any suggestions?

2) Anyone out there at all and I know this is a tall order but anyone know where they will either ship cheap and offer good wheat berries or does anyone know anywhere in teh northern florida pan handle that has a good price for the wheat?

Looking forward to reading all the posts and asking a few more questions!

Newfie guy!




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Doc Tracy

Welcome! I just went through mill shopping myself. I purchased a nutrimill and I'm so happy. In fact, I just ground about 3 lbs of rye and 3 lbs of whole wheat tonight. I thought about getting the kitchen aid attachement but now I'm really glad that I went this route instead.

I paid $25.00 for hard red spring wheat at a Mormon store in Arizona, $25.00 for 25 lbs rye. I think the rye was expensive but I'm not in rye country either.

Since grain lasts so long do you ever head north on a trip? Perhaps you could haul a couple hundred pounds back with you.

Try sending a message to flourgirl51 for great prices on whole wheat flour. Her selection is amazing and her prices are great as well. That's what I was doing before getting my mill. I'll still probably get some things through her. Very high quality flour, fresh ground and she has whole wheat, whole wheat white, rye, spelt, durum and even sprouted grain flours!

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I have to say I am completely new to all of this and I have been reading some of the recipes and I am lost in the terminology.


I have made 100 loaves of bread in my day but it is just flour, water, yeast, salt and off you go!  Is there somewhere in here that talks about all the terminology in the recipes?


I can not even understand the lingo!  Just when you think you are getting good at making something!  hehe



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Perhaps TFL's glossary will help you with the lingo.

You'll find lots of helpful information by visiting the tabs at the top of the page.

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Just what the doctor ordered!