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restaurant bread selection

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zoltan szabo

restaurant bread selection

Hello to everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted anything in the past month, beeing busy with work and outside work. I would like to share these pictures with you guys, this were the selection of breads I used to bake for the restaurant I was charge of.

There were always minimum of four breads can include: lemon, tomato, olive, bluecheese & walnut, pain de campagne, savoury brioche, focaccia, fougasse aux lardons, plain white, 50/50 wholegrain. 

The day started early in the morning to make up a few batch of loaves for lunch then again for dinner. Sometimes I needed to bake fresh bread for banqueting events for up to 500guests. I am not a baker, just a very passionate cuisiner.

Pain de campagne



mini rolls

brioche rolls


See you guys soon,

 Happy Baking,




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Great looking breads. You are indeed ambitious.


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zoltan szabo

Dear Ehanner,

Thanks for your kind comment, I'll try my best every time. Happy Baking!

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Looks wonderful, what are mini rolls?

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zoltan szabo

Hello ramat123,

those are semolina bread rolls. If you fancy trying them out you can check the recipe on my blog. Happy baking!