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Olive Bread

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Olive Bread

I'm back from more than 2 weeks business trip and couldn't wait to start on the Jeffrey Hamelman's challenge.  Well,  it didn't quite happen.  With my failed attempt of the Jeffrey Hamelman's Baguette with Poolish,  and failed attempt to make my own malt flour,  still looking for high gluten flour for my Jeffrey Hamelman's bagel,  well,  I adhered to my son's appeal for Olive Bread.  He simply loves olives.  

At least my Olive Bread turns out as expected, although I thought for a moment, that I lost my touch on shaping the dough as the olive started spilling out,  making it difficult to fold the dough without affecting bubbles.  

It turns out surprisingly soft and chewy on the inside.


See recipe - click here. Olive Bread





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Hi Jennyloh

This looks a lovely loaf, and sorry you had trouble with baguettes.   I think davidg gave you the advice I would have given; there are numerous baguette kings and queens on TFL, and it really is a lot about technique.

Regards S&F, I use a little olive oil as a lubricant on the dough, on my hands and scrapers.   Some people like water, others use flour.   Whatever works best for you, and you should try to keep it to a minimum.

Maybe you already do this anyway?

Best wishes


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i love olive bread & look forward to trying to make it from your recipe.

i use bob's red mill vital wheat gluten in many of my recipes that have whole grains. it seems to help maintain the rise.

hope this helps


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Looking forward to hear from you on how this recipe turns out for you.  

Unfortunately,  flour choices in China is very limited, either AP flour or Bread flour.  Very little other types. At best different types from Germany.  I do see Bob's Red mill,  but only bread or AP flour available.  I guess not many people make their own breads here.