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Whole Wheat/ Whole Grain French Bread, Ciabatta, or similar bread

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Whole Wheat/ Whole Grain French Bread, Ciabatta, or similar bread

I have been making 100% whole wheat bread (both with hard red and hard white wheat) for quite some time.  My family loves the loaves, and I love the ease of baking using my Bosch Universal.  (I have rheumatoid arthritis, and I'm unable to knead by hand.)  However, I want to branch out into French bread, Ciabatta, artisan bread or something smiilar.  Has anyone successfully made this type of bread 100% whole grain using a Bosch or similar machine?  Please share your recipes.  I would be most grateful.  Thank you, Sherri

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Aussie Pete

Hi there,

I cannot advice on your flour choice (by choice you are using about the healthiest anyway) buy try this recipe. Jason's quick  Coccodrillo Ciabatta. Exchange their flour using your choice of flour as it is written for using a mix master with bread hook. I have used this method with good results but I have not used whole wheat flour.

You will find the recipe on this TFL  site..........just go to search and type in             Jason's Quick Coccodrillo Ciabatta . It should be the first posting. Using whole wheat I would use the semolina recipe but that is a personal choice. I have some wholemeal flour at present, this has challenged me to give it a go as well.

Maybe DMSynder can post a choice for you as well on French breads. He always has excellent advice and recipes that keep popping up.

I don't know how your result will be using your flour as I am only thinking in terms of recipe's using an electric kneading machine for you. But hey the fun in bread making is finding out the result.

"You'll never ever know unless you have a go"

Hope this gives you a start................Pete


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i have arthritis in both wrists due to stupid accident fractures. i use my bread machine (4 c flour max) on dough cycle or my food processor (3.5 c flour max) to mix the dough. i let the dough mix & rise in the bread machine.

if i use the food processor it is for processing & mixing only. i then put it into a food grade bucket for the rises.

if the bread calls for 2 rises, i place the 1st rise from the bread machine into a food grade bucket.

i cook the bread in loaf pans, clay pots, metal roaster or free-form. they all turn out very good.

these techniques have worked for all flours & add-ins such as flaxseed, wheat bran, wheat germ, seeds, etc.