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Jason's Quick Coccodrillo Ciabatta Bread a'la yozza

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Jason's Quick Coccodrillo Ciabatta Bread a'la yozza

just had a go at this one  but used my sour dough starter instead of dry yeast started at 5.00 pm all finished by 10.30pm.

Probably the wettest dough i have worked with and quite different from anything i've done before,  will definately do it again  and measure the amount of water that went in next time so that i can give a proper account

regards YOZZA


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Makes me want to make a panani sandwich on it..looks so tasty!


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Hello from hot 100 degree Arizona

Did a few more loaves of Jasons Ciabatta well many more loaves.  I think I have found a nice way to get a large 12.5 13 inch long loaf and 2-2/2 round.  Will post photo. Also had a friend that wanted 2 loaves for sandwiches so I made 2 instead of one of the same batch. Bottom 2 small sandwich loaves.  Delicious crust and a nice  crumb full of holes. So tasty.

Maybe some one already has done it to get this nice loaf so will see what pops up in the forum.

Have cool day

Mr. Bob