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Just a question about a convection/microwave ovens.

If a bread recipe calls for baking in a conventiuonal oven at 500 degrees and my oven being convection will only go to 450 degrees .  If the recipe call for 20 minutes in a conventional oven is it possible to bake additional minutes in a convection oven and still get a well baked tasty loaf?

What would the additional time be or would the dough not be baked right at the lower temperature to start with even if you added more time because of the decrease in temperature.

Thanks Mr. Bob





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when using convection one typically reduces the time.  theory holds the more vigorous air ciculation cooks / bakes faster.

I never use convection mode for baking, so I can offer any advice other than "You'll have to experiment."

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Thanks for the reply. I had known about the time element and how it needed less time at a certain setting. Just thought someone had tried to bake where the recipe called for 500 degrees and my oven only goes to 450. I only use it when I am on the road or in a camp grounds or what ever.  Did not want to waste another loaf of bread if some one had done a recipe 50 degrees less than what it called for and how they baked it..

Thanks any way nice of you to comment.


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Baking times for anything prepared with an oven are, at their best, approximate.  That's why you will typically see something like "bake xx minutes or until a XYZ occurs".  You'll want to bake the bread until it's "done" and it'll take a bit of experience with your oven to determine that to any degree of accuracy.

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Thanks   Will have a go at it.  Only proble what works with one type of bread does not always work with another in the convection oven but the birds will like it.

I just thought 50 degrees for a temp in the oven to start with was needed.  But maybe less heat will work. 

Thanks for the nice reply



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With the dough I use and the clay baker I use, and starting with a cold oven, I do 45 minutes covered at 425, and usually about 15 minutes uncovered. I get just the crust browning I like when the crumb is done.

I don't get as much oven spring as I'd like, but for me the crust is more important. Just start experimenting, and keep good notes.

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I have tried a clay baker . Good luck in a convebtional oven. But are you baking in a micrwave / convection oven?????????

If I use a clay baker in my conventional oven I get a perfect loaf.  But My questions are baking with a convection portable oven that will only heat to 450 degrees tops. I did one loaf few days ago in my clay baker and it was not good dough like it needed another 30 minutes of so but I hesitated to do more time.  The internal temp was 205 as Jasons recipe calls  for on his cibatta.

Thanks for the reply

Mr. Bob