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Freezing Bread

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Freezing Bread

I am looking for information about how long one can store bread in the freezer without degradation or absorbing freezer odors. I am making some english muffins, scones and baguettes for a week long training session at our church. There will be about 30 people at the training session so I will need to stockpile to have enough. I have frozen bread before by wrapping in plastic wrap and then putting in a plastic bread bad from KA. If any one has any suggestions about wrapping bread prior to freezing, they would be appreciated.



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You can easily store frozen bread for several weeks and longer.  The trick is to wrap them well and tightly.  I usually cater wrap (double wrap) my loaves.  I don't necessarily put them into plastic bags.  Two to three layers of plastic will keep them safe from freezer burn.  Scones would probably store most easily in plastic bags with the air squeezed out - that's how I freeze bagels for later use.

Good luck!


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I've stored bread for several months with no problem.