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A new North Carolina Resource ? organic wheat producer/consortium ?

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A new North Carolina Resource ? organic wheat producer/consortium ?

Publicity for the Asheville Artisan Bread day (back in March) mentioned a new group in North Carolina who were trying to source organic wheat for bread production. 

Has anyone information about this?

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This site may explain it.

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From a quick scan, it looks like they are going to be growing their own organic wheat,milling it and supplying it to the local artisan/organic bakeries. They have joined with a local business school, who has taken it on as a student project, to help develop the business aspect of the project. They've bought a mill and will be training Millers,soon.

WOW! This will be very interesting to follow as a model. Do we have any such initiative anywhere else in the USA? I'm in Wisconsin-I'd love to see something like this happening here.

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You can actually purchase their flour at  I have not tried it yet, and they have different "grades" of flour that seems to be based more closely on the European system. I'd like to hear if anyone has any results to share.


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I have used their whole rye and whole wheat bread flour, and I love it! I'v not made a loaf with 100% of either of those but the results I'v had with what I'v done have been really nice.