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Misto Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer for Bread Baking

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Shannon Cooks

Misto Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer for Bread Baking

Is anyone else here as much of a fan of the Misto as I am? I just discovered the Misto last December and now own five. I use one filled with olive oil for pizzas, making quick garlic bread, etc and another I keep empty for when I'm baking bread. I fill it with water and create a mist in the oven.

The thing I like about the Misto is how sprays just like a regular can of cooking oil spray-- but without the use of chemicals or propellants. You can fill it up with anything from olive oil to walnut oil, balsamic vinegar, water or wine. And unlike plastic trigger sprayers, the liquid comes out in a steady, fine mist spray.

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If anyone else is as enthusiastic about these as you are, they are usually 4 for the price of 3 at $10 each. So that's $30, total shipped, for 4. Or mix and match with any other similar priced items in the 4 for 3 promo.

I picked one up from a thrift store fo $1. Reasonably satisfied.

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My local kitchen supply shop carries them so I don't have to be concerned about shipping costs, etc. and their cost is fairly reasonable.

I have found them to also be quite useful for spritzing salads, spraying bread and similar tasks.  However, I can get a small spray bottle at the dollar store (for a dollar - of course) and it works just as well so I've opted to follow that less expensive route.

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...but I got a Misto a week ago and have stopped using it.  Regardless of how little or much it's pumped, it spatters the oil out like a spray can on its last legs.  In addition to this, it fills the air with a cloud of olive oil in the process. Seeing as I just bought 2 liters of extra light olive oil specifically for the Misto, now I'm forced to using a regular spray bottle/brush until the supply is used up.


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Keep trying a little longer. Sounds like it may be a little over filled. Don't fill over half full.

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Any other tips are welcome.  Like I said, I've got quite a bit of extra light olive oil to go through...

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Doc Tracy

I've had the same darn problem with every oil mist sprayer I've ever bought. I sure wish I could figure out how to get them to work right. I love the idea.

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Shannon Cooks

Wow, I never expereinced anything like that with mine. Maybe it's clogged or defective? I do know you can't overfill it... Just about 1/3 to 1/2 full at the most so that there's room for air inside to pressurize the unit.

And I don't know if this will help, but about once every three weeks when it's empty, I rinse it out and wash it thoroughly by half filling with warm water and a drop of detergent, pumping it up then spraying it out 4-5 times. Then I rinse it and spray air through it. I have found that to be effective when it sprays more of a stream than a mist, but that only happened twice-- both times with walnut oil.

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Also, are you leaving the spray pumped after use? It's a good idea to release the pressure after each use or it might clog the unit.

I have one and it's now grungy and caked with sticky residue after 6 or so months of use. It still does spray as advertised, though. I think after this I'll revert back to cheap, disposable spray bottles.

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 I agree.  I don't like the fine mist of oil floating around in the air.  I know it settles all over my floors and counters and probably in my lungs.


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I like being able to spray just olive oil (not olive oil plus soy lecithin)- and the Misto is a great idea- but it contains potentially harmful BPA that leaches into the food (oil) you put into it.

I decided upon the Prepara oil mister instead.

It is made out of glass and BPA-free plastic and is sterilizable unlike the Misto.

I'm very happy with it and use it almost every day. Mostly for spraying bread pans and dough rising buckets.

mcs- as for the spattering out of oil- it may be that you are not pumping it enough? I have to pump mine a lot. If I don't, it spatters instead of mists.

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Hi - I'm with Lifetime Brands, the company that manufactures Misto, The Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer, and I wanted to share some good news.  Misto IS BPA Free and it does not leach anything into the oil or anything else you fill it with. 

As far as issues with streams of oil vs mist coming out, the cap is likely clogged and needs to be cleaned so it can mist again.  To clean, fill the bottle half way with soapy water, pump 10 times and spray. For optimum performance, be sure to fill your Misto no more than half way with oil.  You need to leave room to pressurize when you pump. 

I hope this helps and that you enjoy all of the benefits of Misto:  healthier cooking (you use less oil/fat when you mist vs pour oil); saves money; better for the environment (non-aerosol, refillable, less cans in the landfill); food tastes better when you use your own quality oils; and Misto can be used for a variety of things (oils, vinegars, water, beer, wine, oil & vinegar combined for dressings, etc). 



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I went to Lifetime Brands website and found no reference to the Misto being BPA free. Since the packaging doesn't state that claim and the website doesn't state that claim, it makes me uncomfortable to take the word of a posting on a blog. I have a new Misto on my counter right now, the box, that I haven't opened until I can resolve this BPA issue with confidence. As a Lifetime Brands representative, could you perhaps update your website with the BPA free assertion and post a link here for all of us to see? thanks.

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to my pump oil sprayer.  I ordered it from BreadTopia and really liked and used it often..while cleaning it I lost ( not lost as my husband says..just misplaced) the top part that screws on to hold the cap of the it's useless until I find the part.  It's probably with my sink steel drain plug...I misplaced it to..about 2 weeks ago.  My husband says I probably put it in the garbage.  Who knows.  I just know growing older might have something to do with these 'misplaced items'.  Well at least I know where to find my bottles of oil.  I don't think I will be ordering another pump oil sprayer.


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I tried a few times to spray oil with my Misto. It worked so so the first time but was not reliable after sitting a week. I use it now for water only. It's too cute to toss.


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I spritz a mix or water/vinegar/oil on my slow cooking BBQ ribs from a plastic sprayer. Oh damn that's one of my secrets! The only spray bottle that works for me is the cheap trigger type. All the others clog quickly.


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I've used a Misto for years.  However, it does get clogged up easily, especially with a cloudy olive oil.  It has to be cleaned frequently, so I find it a pain to use, but I still put up with it.

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Those of you using El Cheapo trigger sprayers: really? for oil? If that works, I'll never plunk $$ again for canned pan spray. It always smells weird.

Thanks for Today's Kitchen  'Speriment.


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several years ago when Williams-Sonoma first came out with them.  It was okay, but it wasn't reliable enough for me.  Maybe I was filling it too full, I don't know, but I gave up on it.  I think the pump spray bottle idea is great, I'd love to quit using canned spray!  Are these pump bottles like the ones you get in the travel-size aisle at places like Wal-Mart? Thanks!

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Not only does it save money, but using it also means less waste is headed to the landfill!!

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I ordered my first Miso about a year ago. It works fine. I never fill it more than half way. My first misto is used to spray olive oil.

I recently decided to order 2 more. My 2nd misto contains a solution of 50% skin so soft Avon SKIN SO SOFT and 50% water. I love to garden and was receiving misquito bites daily. Now misquitos do not venture near me. I intend to give my 3rd misto (filled half way with my misquito repellant solution) to my daughter to use around her pool.

I am thinking about giving a misto and some baby oil as a baby shower gift.