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4/21/10 - Ciabatta Blobs

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4/21/10 - Ciabatta Blobs

Hey All,

Just wanted to share with you my bake from last night.  Ciabatta blobs.  I was planning to bake something else, but switched plans last minute...  I'm happy with them.  They have the most open crumb that I have gotten in a long time...  Enjoy!

Recipe is below.



1000g Bread Flour

200g Firm Sourdough Starter (60% hydration)

800g Water

24g Kosher Salt

6g Active Dry Yeast (approx 2 tsp)

2030g Total Dough Yield



7:00pm – Weigh out all ingredients.  Place firm SD starter along with water in large mixing bowl.  Then, add all dry ingredients on top, mix well with wooden spoon and plastic scraper.  Cover and let rest for 30 minutes.

7:30pm – In bowl, turn dough using wet hands and French fold method until dough is smooth.  4-8 strokes.  Cover and let rest.

8:00pm – Turn dough using French fold or letter fold method in bowl using wet hands, cover and let rest.

8:30pm – Turn dough using wet hands, cover and let rest.

9:00pm – Turn dough using wet hands, cover and let rest.

9:30pm – Turn dough using wet hands, cover and let rest.

9:45pm – Turn dough using wet hands, place on well floured linen couche on a sheet pan in 1 piece seam side down.  Flour top, cover, place in large plastic bag, proof for 1 hr.  Arrange 2 baking stones and a steam pan in oven, preheat to 550F with convection.

10:50pm – Using a bench scraper, cut dough blob into 4 roughly equal pieces, stretch them out lightly, place onto floured peel and place in oven directly on baking stone.  When all the loaves are in, pour 1 cup of water into steam pan, close oven door, turn down oven to 450F, no convection, bake for 40 minutes, rotating them between the stones halfway through the bake.  Cool completely before cutting.



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most excellent!   

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The crumb looks so beautiful and tasty too! Unfornately I can't eat anything chewey till I get my permanent tooth crown ;/  I've already had it come off once.


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I understand. I was there last week, and was out of town. I called several dental offices, and none of them were interested in seeing me. I ultimately went to WalMart and purchased some stuff called Temparin MAX and put the temporary crown back in. I ended up doing that several times over the week. Got the permanent crown on Monday, so I don't have to worry about pulling it off with gummy bears any more (That's what the initial insult was. An open package was present at my sister's home).

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Thanks!  I haven't baked ciabatta for a long time, and I just had the urge...  I've had my fillings come out before... That's no fun...

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A new bread term to me ;)  Nice open airy crumb you achieved.  I'll bet they went quickly.


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Thanks, and yes, they are all gone...

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GONE?  already?!!?  you JUST left the message!!!

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Yep.  Gone.  Breads that turn out like this get eaten very quickly around here...