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Looking for a broken Whisper Mill for Parts

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Looking for a broken Whisper Mill for Parts

Hi All, I have an older Whisper Mill that is probably 10 years old under "Grainmaster WhisperMill" - this made the original Whisper Mill but went bankrupt due to lifetime warranties.  The name was aquired by the current owners of Whispermill which is identical in terms of key parts; now being sold under WonderMill.  There were some problems and most can be fixed if you have the parts.

If anyone has a broken Whispermill/Wondermill  that they may be discarding, I would like to buy it at a reasonable price plus shipping to be used for spare parts.  Mine has been heavily used and I one day I will buy one of the newer mills.  I like to tinker and would love to give a go at keeping mine running forever.  My 87 year old Mother still has her 1942 Kitchen Aid Mixer that I plan on donating to the Smithsonian one day!  Thanks for indulging me...   Cheeers to all...