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Say Cheese Whey

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Say Cheese Whey

I couldn't resist (Doc Tracy) picking up on your subject title since it inspired me to do this post.

I made my first cheese last week from some goat's milk that I was worried would go bad. During my "research" I  saw a video on cheese making that suggested one use the leftover whey as the liquid ingredient in their bread. Seemed like worth a try as the other alternative he offered was to water the plants. So I used my trusty  honey whole wheat bread recipe and used whey instead of water and I must say the bread turned out better than the cheese!

I was a little concerned that the lemon juice I used to make the cheese, now in the whey would adversely affect my bread but it did not and I actually think the bread turned out better. It definately had a different crumb and the flavor was good. One loaf down, one loaf popped out of the freezer to eat.

Love this place. So full of ideas!

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Great idea!  I was thinking of using the whey when i strain yogurt - hate wasting!


Man, I'd like to try your fresh cheese....

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I make kefir cheese and always save the whey for baking and cleaning.  Do you know you can use whey to wash your veggies and your face too?  There are plenty of creative ideas out there.  Just use your imagination! Cheers!


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Doc Tracy

So funny- When we made cheese in class I was going to ask if I could take the whey home for bread making but you're not allowed to take anything out of the classroom due to health dept. regulations. I figured I'd be making cheese soon enough to have plenty of my own whey.

I'm thinking it will be a wonderful addition to my 100% whole wheat sourdough sandwich bread!

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especially pizza crusts. It gives a slightly cheesy flavor on the browned parts of the bottom and the rim. When I make paneer Indian cheese, putting whey in naan instead of yogurt works great too.

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What a perfect way to use the whey from the batch of mozz I made this morning. I have some Italian flour to make pizza dough with and using the whey will be perfect. I added a bit of lipase to the mozz to give it a little more flavor so the whey should be extra flovorful as well. Thanks for the tip!