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Pizza, for now.

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Pizza, for now.

Hi to all,

I´ve taken a rest from trying to bake rustic type breads because I want to first get my natural leaven started and get it alive and try and make breads with that. So this weekend I´ve limited myself to pizza. I made this today for lunch using a dough recipe which I have devised over time after having read and tried other recipes and procedures. I am happy with this one and I think I will stick to it. It results in a very thin crust with a crispy edge. My oven takes a while to heat up and even then is a bit on the weak side, but I´ve installed refractory bricks and now bake on this and I like the results a whole lot.

My dough is what I believe they call a Neapolitan recipe which doesn´t use oil nor sugar. Just the flour, water, yeast and salt. I let it slow rise in the fridge around 22 hours then another 3 at room temp before dividing and scaling. I hand stretch and I find that this dough is quite pliable and will not tear easily.

Oh and the sauce is also my own. This one has a ragú of meat on it (I will NOT call it a "bolognese", don´t worry) as well as mushrooms. I was able to make three pizzas about 38 cms in diameter (about 15 ins?)

Thanks for looking,


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Well Carlos it looks ok, but the test is in the eating! You will need to send me several samples before I can give my approval ;-)

Seriously, that looks fantastic!

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Great looking pizza and I am laughing at the nearly empty wine glass and the untouched pizza. Same thing always happen to me, apparently baking is fueled by lots of wine. :P

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It's time again to post this classic instructional video.

How to make sourdough bread




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How have I missed seeing this all these years. "Ouch! Oh sh**!" Hilarious! "Just double something."

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lol! I've never heard it refered to quite as "form by doing the ramalamadingdong" - awesome :D

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LOL, so funny!

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3 Olives


Looks great! Please share your recipe if you don't mind.

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I should have chosen another object to give scale to the photo and not the almost-empty glass of wine!!! To clarify, that was the third of the three pizzas I made--we had gone through the first two already, hence the lesser amount of wine (excuses, excuses)...

I use 500 gms strong flour, 300 gms water, 20gms fresh yeast (it sounds like a whole lot, I know, but there it is and it works for me) and two teaspoons salt. I had started with a tablespoon salt before but the feedback was that it was too salty. The resulting dough is about 760-800gms in weight.

I just mentioned this pizza to an italian friend and she was scandalized by the ragú as a topping. Ha! I knew she would have something to say! My apologies therefore to any Italian friends out there...must be the influence from Sbarro that makes me crave for a meat lover´s pizza.

Daisy, I can send you the bricks. I have a source very near the house. Seventy-five cents a brick. Then add about ten times that for postal charges :-))!! When you say tortilla I still think of what we have here and wonder "what does that have to do with dough?" This pic is for you.

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Hi again!

I´ve decided to try another pizza crust recipe, this time using sourdough. This was made using Jeff Varasano´s recipe -- I believe others have tried it and posted their results in "A Pizza Primer".( I used the proportions stated on his "spreadsheet" and tried my best with the oven I have to get the heat from the top  going also.

Sorry if I´m being redundant, but this pizza thing has become an obsession. I think I will throw my recipe out (above)and stick with this one.

(No wine glass, this time--no evidence)