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50% Sourdough Whole Wheat Boule

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50% Sourdough Whole Wheat Boule

I baked this boule last week end.

As always, i have learned few thing from this bake:

1 - Never Underestimate the significance of Weighing Salt.

2 - Handling Fermented dough as if a new born baby, during inverting onto the baking stone / surface

3- For my gas oven: always switch the top elements on after 10 minutes of covered baking, as the bottom gets charred way before the top is browned.

4 - Always give the natural yeats time to do their work, hasting them with commercial yeast will reduce flavor.

5 - Never forget to place a parchment, i had a near escape due to the proper gluten development.

Other than that, the loaf tasted good, soft and airy. It was 50% Whote bread flour, and 50% Hard White mixed with Red Winter. Overall hydration was 70%.


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Hi Mebake, the bread looks lovely. Nice crumb,crust, and spring.Really nice scoring. Your #3-"always turn the top elements on after ten minutes of covered bake." It sounds like your gas oven has electric elements, is it a duel fuel? Thanks, Ray

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Thanks Ray,

You are right, I meant Top fuel Element. Its is a gas oven with dual fuel.


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Very nice bread Mebake! The color looks perfect!


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Thank you Eric! Could you tell me how to avoid having ears/ gringe on a boule?