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Waxing philosophical

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Waxing philosophical

Or something like that. As I sat here this morning waiting for a call back from the furnace repair man who said it was fixed on Wednesday, and carefully re-piecing the quilt pieces I had painstakingly unpicked over the last few days - I had time to mull this over. If a bread recipe doesn't work out the way it should, at least the results are usually edible. I know I have continued to work with dough that any sane person would have dumped and frequently been pleasantly surprised. Quilts, on the other hand, are not so forgiving. I knew one of the fabrics in this latest quilt wasn't quite right, and yet I persisted. Did I think the quilt fairies were going to somehow make it look good? Could this be why I make "Susan's Sourdough" over and over, along with what my family and friends refer to as "The Quilt"? No surprises with either, but once in a while it would be nice to branch out.

Well, the furnace man is coming to take a look and hopefully it won't cost a fortune to fix. The new fabric looks good, and my starter is ready to go. Life goes on, A.


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Hi, Annie.

We've all baked delicious "mistakes" from time to time.

So, what's success? 

Suppose our loaves were judged as dough sculptures, rather than as nourishment.

Suppose our quilts were judged by how warm they kept us at night, rather than as "fabric art."

It's all a matter of perspective.


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What is success? Success is inevitable, and fleeting, and, "counted sweetest by those who ne'er succeed."  Just waxing, and, mostly, waning.