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BatardZilla !

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BatardZilla !

Though it may sound weird, but it is a mega Batard, more like Batard a la Miche.


200g Whole Rye Flour

600g Whole Wheat Flour (Half of which is bread flour)

200g White Bread Flour

200g All Purp

2 tablespoons fine Sea salt

2 Tablespoons Thym

100g starter (85% hydr) 

1/2 teaspoon inst. yeast (in the final dough)

All in all, it is 75% hydration dough, with wholewheat flours as Soaker, and White flours as Biga.

However, baking was done under a new cover this time, a Poultry roaster, large enough to accomodate this large oblong shaped banetton dough.


Bottom line, i learned that Baking a successful WHolewheat Loaf has all to do with :

Proper Soaking, Proper Mixing, Proper Fermentation, skillful shaping, and tried Oven baking.

Practice is the keyword here, no magic.



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Very impressive bread Khalid! Glad to see you have found a solution for covered baking that works for you. Very nice post.


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Thanks, Eric! Your Tips and blogs, not to mention your comments where all too helpful!

Although i have had to shed $45 for the roster w/ Lid, it functioned as a solution to my day

dreaming of shedding yet more $$ for an electric oven.

btw, Eric, you seem to be the one of few who minds my wholewheat blogs. You have taste my friend!