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Homemade Banneton/Brothform

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Homemade Banneton/Brothform



I'm looking forward to cook new bread recipe this year and I was thinking about trying new gear.


I see that most of you got nice round or oval banneton (brothform mostly) made form cane and I'd like to try my best at making some at home by hand.

I'm still searching for cane supplier, but I might be on something.


Anyway, here's the deal.

I'd like to have more info about the banneton.

I would like some Hi-res picture both from top and sides.

If any of you have a calipper, I'd like to know radius of the cane used. (In mm if possible)

Can anyone mesure the oval and round banneton. Like, inner "radius", outer "radius", height.

I would also need to know the total length of the cane. I dont know how someone could easily mesure that, but I'll trust you ;)


Thanks for any of you who want to help me. I'll try to post update on my progress. I'm don't have lost of place to do "wood" working, but I might just go outside if needed!


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Why not visit Fantes, where you can look at the various sizes and shapes?

The dimensions are listed, so you may be able to work out the details you seek by studying the close-ups.

Good luck on your project!

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Hi Andreq,

Tomsbread has posted some information on this thread on how he made a homemade banneton/brotform He might be able to offer advice if you sent him a message? Pictures of his banettons are on this link

Best of luck with the project! Daisy_A

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The period is causing a 404 eror as the link ends in ".htm." 

Here's the same link without the extra period:

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If it's a coiled basket or similar brothform you're intrerested in, here's a link that might get you started:

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FYI: Somewhere here last week there was a post for proofing basket/brotform supplies. A person replied with a link for them from a baking school in San Francisco that sells them as a fundraiser for student aide.

I ordered on of each of the 3 sizes and they arrived today. Very nice and very fast delivery. Definitely affordable.

TMB Baking, 480 Grandview Drive, S. San Francisco, Ca 94080

(650) 589-5729


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On a roll

Has anyone ever tried this?

Looks like it might be a brotform/banneton in one.

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Mini Oven

coiled around to make a shape, fishing line to hold it together.  Dishwasher safe?   Macrame one (anyone remember macrame owls?) from nylon or parachute cords? 

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I saw somewhere, probably here, where someone used nylon tubing wound into a basket held together with SS wire wraps.  Anything is possible.


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Mini Oven

Pictures included and more links

If you use running lighted tube and cable ties, it might even heat the basket on cold winter nights.  Does sourdough react to light?