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Chinese Rice Cake with Glutinous Rice Filling

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Chinese Rice Cake with Glutinous Rice Filling

I thought I'd share my (not bake),  but steamed chinese rice cake here.  This is something that is so dear to my heart,  as it reminded me of the time that I spent hours helping my mom doing this,  every year diligently, for some festivities.  Now that I'm away from home,  it's just something to remind me of home, family,  and I want to pass this little tradition to my little boy,  he did help out,  and did it well indeed.


This is a unique kind of cake that I probably see in Singapore/Malaysia,  and probably Taiwan, and the taste is chewy as it uses rice flour,  I forgot to take the inside.  This is usually filled with glutinous rice,  and other stuff like mushrooms, dried shrimps,  and even peanuts.

Details in

FYI - the word on the cake means "long life".



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and pretty too.  They remind me of Valentine's Day.  I first thought they were sweet but as I read about the fillings, it sounded more like a savory treat.  Thanks for sharing.


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Al - yes,  this is indeed interesting as compared to the types of cakes/breads that many are used to.  The taste is really on the salty side with the dried shrimp (which is usually dried with salt,  those that you find in most asian coastal areas,  where they dry their seafood),  and of course those other sauces,  as the skin ingredients are generally tasteless,  except chewy.   I love it a little spicier,  and that's why I added the pepper.