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3/27/10 - Sourdough, 90% Rye, and Beana's Favorite Sandwich...

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3/27/10 - Sourdough, 90% Rye, and Beana's Favorite Sandwich...

Hey All,

Just wanted to share with you all my bake from today...  Lots of stuff to share.  On the left side is just a sourdough bread that is similar to the Pane Casereccio di Genzano from Dan Leader's Local Breads...  The other two are 90% rye breads from Hamelman's Bread.  For the rye breads, I freshly hand milled organic rye berries for each of the steps using the Detmolder process.  I just used my storage stiff sourdough starter to start the rye sours...  The last 2 photos are some sandwiches that basically contain all my girlfriend's favorite ingredients: smoked salmon, avocado, mango, fresh mozzarella, and mesclun.  Strange combo, but we learned about this combo at Le Petite Abeille in NYC...  Enjoy!

Tomorrow I'll post some crumbshots of the rye bread as Hamelman recommends letting the bread rest for at least 24 hours for the crumb to stabilize...


Edit: Rye bread pics are up...  We made some toast with cream cheese, smoked salmon, and herring...  Yum!

90% Rye Bread (Based on Hamelman’s 90% Rye from Bread)


Rye Sour #1

26g Organic Rye Berries (freshly ground)

24g Firm Sourdough Starter (60% hydration)

50g Water

100g Total


Rye Sour #2

200g Organic Rye Berries (freshly ground)

156g Water

50g Rye Sour #1

226g Total


Rye Sour #3

290g Organic Rye Berries (freshly ground)

290g Water

226g Rye Sour #2

806g Total


Final Dough

580g Organic Rye Berries (freshly ground)

110g Bread Flour

476g Water

20g Kosher Salt

1 tsp ADY

806g Rye Sour #2

1996g Total



Evening of Day 1

6:50pm – Measure out ingredients for Rye Sour #1, grind rye berries, mix all in bowl, cover with plastic wrap, rest on counter.

11:50pm - Measure out ingredients for Rye Sour #2, grind rye berries, mix all in bowl, cover with plastic wrap, rest on counter.

Morning of Day 2

8:30am - Measure out ingredients for Rye Sour #3, grind rye berries, mix all in bowl, cover with plastic wrap, rest on counter.

11:45am - Measure out ingredients for final dough, grind rye berries, mix all in bowl with wooden spoon.  Do not touch this dough with your hands.  Just mix it well, and smooth it over with a wet spoon. Cover with plastic wrap, rest on counter. For 30 minutes.

12:15pm – Divide into 2 equal pieces.  Flour your work surface, shape into boule, place into linen lined banneton seam side down.  Proof for 1 hour.  Place 2 stones in oven on different levels, along with seam pan.  Preheat to 550F with convection.

1:15pm – Turn boules out onto lightly floured peel, dock if desired with chopstick or skewer, place in oven directly on stone.  When all loaves are in, add 1 cup of water to steam pan, close door, turn oven down to 480F, no convection, bake for 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes, rotate loaves, turn oven down to 410F.  Bake for another 60 minutes, rotating and switching loaves between stones halfway through.  Loaves are done when internal temp reaches 210F.  Cool loaves completely and let rest for 24 to 36 hrs before cutting.

Notes: I did not go through the 15-24hr fermentation for rye sour build #2 as per Hamelman's instructions.  My attempt was not very sour tasting, which for me is good.  Also, I should have let the loaf rest for the full 24 hrs before cutting.  It was a little gummy, but this was quickly resolved by toasting...  Also, I have the small iron hand crank mill that Gerard Rubaud uses to grind...








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All the breads are very impressive, though I really took a liking to the Pane Casereccio di Genzano! It looks marvelous with that big open crumb!


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Thanks!  I was kind of winging it with this one.  It tastes pretty good, but I wish my crumb was a little more even and translucent...  I'm a little jealous of JoeVa's results lately...  I think I just need to let my bulk fermentation go a little longer, or add more yeast...

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I love your choice of breads mr. bass player.

Look forward to seeing how the rye crumb stabilises.   I have a Horst Bandel Black Pumpernickel in my oven just now.   A mighty 2kg loaf in a Pullman Pan; it will be in there til the morning too!!!

Did you make the Pane Casereccio di Genzano as a really large loaf, as Leader discusses?   It's hard to see from your photos, but it does not look that large?

They all look great; hope they taste as good too

Best wishes


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I just posted the pics of the rye bread.  I've never made anything with so much rye, so I didn't know what to expect.  I could have waited a little longer as it was a little gummy cutting it.  We toasted some slices which tasted pretty good.

As for the pane casereccio, It's not that big.  I used 500g of total flour at 68% hydration.  I just wanted to test my recipe without wasting a lot of flour...   Total dough weight was about 860g before baking.

Congrats on our baking competition.  I'd like to do that sometime, but I'll have to switch careers...


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You are certainly coming into your own lately Tim. Very nice looking breads! The shot of salmon and herring is mouth watering for me.  The pairing with mango and avocado as a salad sandwich has my daughter asking why I don't make that. Great post, thanks for sharing.


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I'm just trying to redeem myself these days and not bake too many stinkers and waste flour...


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Just posted the recipe for the 90% Rye... If anybody's interested...

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... looks wonderful!  I am looking for a healthy bread that toasts well for breakfast.  Would that be one to try?

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If you are into rye bread, and have some time, sure.  You should read the rye bread chapter in Hamelman's Bread before you do it though, just so you know what you are getting yourself into...