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Discard bread at school

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Discard bread at school

Twice a week I spend time with children from my grandaughter's third grade class, listening to them read. Their teacher is a friend and loves to get a loaf now and again, and she asked if I would take some bread for the children and tell them about sourdough. Always eager to spread the word I decided to use some of my "discard" bread. I made a huge batch in my trusty Bosch and baked up three pan loaves for the neighbors and two large braids for the class. I brushed the tops with eggwhite and water and sprinkled on  raw sugar. The dough included about a quart of discard, oats, dried milk, potato flakes, sugar and lots of raisins, and I did spike it with about 1T instant yeast. Teacher's loaf was my usual sourdough boule which I baked this morning. I also took a small amount of starter and fed it before I left the house so that we could check on its growth. I gave my little spiel and asked the children for name suggestions for teacher's new pet, the starter, and they came up with some creative ones. Then it was time to eat, and apart from some of them them taking me seriously when I said the raisins were dead flies they loved it. Only a couple of the girls said their grandmothers make bread and most of them seemed amazed that I had actually made these loaves. Next time I'm planning to make the chocolate faces, A.


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I bet the kids will remember the day the lady brought in bread with dead flies in it. :o) Really, it's so nice that you spend some of your time helping the teacher and the kids. Good for you.


I wish you could figure out how to post pictures. I know you did it once.


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I taught first and second grade until I became a Stay-at-Home mom and I loved it when adults came to share their skills and interests with the class.  We never know how much these seemingly small acts effect the kids.  I'm sure your visit was the talk of the evening at dinner tables around town.


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I told my kids at the dinner table one night that spaghetti was really worms.  My younger son wouldn't eat spaghetti until he was at least 21...


Dead flies... Mwawawawaaaahhaaaaaa!


Love it!


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Have dubbed polenta as "vomit" and eggplant as "snot".  Needless to say they won't eat either.

That's OK, more for us ;o)