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Source for rye flour?

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Source for rye flour?

Do any of the Marylanders in the group have a local source for rye flour?  Safeway, which seems to carry everything Bob's Red Mill makes, does not carry rye flour.  According to their website Superfresh carries it, but the one closest to me had everything but the rye flour.  I just can't see paying to have flour mailed to me when I live in the Washington, DC - Baltimore corridor.  Seems like I should be able to find it in a store within a reasonable distance.

I am dying to try my hand at Sour Rye Bread, but the lack of rye flour has got me stymied.  So instead I am perfecting my sourdough english muffins, cinnamon roll babka and sweet potato rolls.


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Hi Anne,

There should be organic/natural food stores in your area which carry Arrowhead Mills rye, which is a wonderful, organic whole rye.

Whole Foods has three stores in the D.C. area and more in the MD area.  Here's a link which might give you a couple of leads.  You could also Google Whole Foods for more detailed info on their locations.

Good luck!

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A number of people here at TFL (including myself) buy grains and/or flour from these TFL members:


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That's got to be a metropolis of close to 10 million or so, and rye is that hard to find?

Here in the Atlanta area, the 2 largest "national" grocers(Walmart, Kroger) carry a line of Hogson Mills flours. Rye is usually included. I see it in all of their stores. Not sure about the large regional chain of Publix stores. I'll have to check next time.

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=== Do any of the Marylanders in the group have a local source for rye flour?  Safeway, which seems to carry everything Bob's Red Mill makes, does not carry rye flour. ===

If they have a large BRM selection, it's just a matter of asking them to have some rye flour added to the order (either for the display or to be held for you).  Ask at the service desk; most grocery stores have a form for this purpose at the desk.

Although the larger BRM displays have the look to me of something maintained by a distributor, in which case it is even easier since the distributor probably has the rye in his truck - he just needs a note to put some out.

Also, if you order directly from BRM in large quantities their shipping is reasonable.


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Mini Oven


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Just found this thread...  from 2010.  It's 2019 now.  I've been unable to find rye at Weis Market, Safeway, or Walmart.  Giant had Stone ground, but I'm not enthusiastic about the texture.  Will look at Whole Foods in Rockville next week.  Thanks for the recommendation.

Why has rye been taken off the list in these stores?  Anyone know?

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David R

Money. Why does any store do [thing X]? Money. Maybe slow sales, maybe the supplier got more expensive, maybe lots of things. But the bottom line is... the bottom line. 🙂

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Figured as much.  Decreasing demand, no incentive to occupy expensive shelf space...  

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Mini Oven

that oversee thousands of farms for one growing season tend to plant less rye and more crops that can make bio fuel. When you see only one or two crops growing over vast acreages of land, you know there won't be much rye available.

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David R

I didn't think of that at all. Biofuel may be a great idea, but giving up farmland to get it seems very counterproductive to me.

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In the past I have been able to order good rye flour from GFS stores. It was a special order, 2 weeks wait, about $20 for 25lb bag. 

Recently this has not been possible anymore as GFS does not seem to carry it anymore. The next best option seems to be directly at:

A case of 30 lb costs $27-$30.