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Multigrain sourdough with a rye sourdough starter

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Doc Tracy

Multigrain sourdough with a rye sourdough starter

I've been seeing some comments about Hamelman's Multigrain SD with a rye SD starter and how good it is. I think I've gone past this recipe in the book a few times because of the high % of high protein flour. I decided to bake it today but with a lot of changes. Cut home formula in half

1.Replaced all high protein flour with whole wheat flour +4tbsps of vital wheat gluten

2. Replaced sunflower seeds with millet

3. Replaced rye chops with rye berries (I just haven't found rye chops anywhere and don't have a mill yet)

4. Added spices-dry onion, caraway and fennel, plus poppy seeds on top

5. Autolysed for a total of one hour and added a bit of extra water at 30 minutes to accomodate the flour change

Very curious to see how this turned out, I put it in the oven in two loaf pans, spritz the top of each with a spray of water and covered with aluminum foil. I baked 10 minutes covered  and then 20 minutes uncovered, brought them out at 205 degrees. (oven first at "hot" then "between 350 and Hot" in the RV oven).

After cooling, I sliced into this lovely, brown bread. What a wonderful surprise! It was soft with a lovely texture. Incredibly light! Who would have guessed? Multigrain, whole wheat/rye with a light, soft texture? Amazing!

Here's a picture of my pastrami sandwich with fresh arugula from the garden. I sure wish the arugula wasn't bolting. I hate to see the end of arugula and lettuce season. But, with the end of arugula comes tomatoes, peppers and eggplants.


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looking sandwich and with some lovely arugula too!  Your bread looks so tastey and wholesome!  Wonderful bake!


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Doc Tracy

It's a wonderful sandwich bread. Not at all what I was expecting but so much more.

I just wish the arugula wasn't bolting. But, that means it's almost time for tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and okra. We've had a great winter garden this year with lettuce, cilantro, parsley and arugula coming out our ears. Peppers produced all winter, just slowing down for the past couple of months but never stopping. And now we have sweet peas!


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Your description and photo looks delicious. Very nice write up. Your garden seasons are so far from ours, it's like being in the Southern Hemisphere for you. We have just melted away our last snow and haven't seen the first crocus yet. The Robins have arrived and are starting to nest.

I've made Hamelmans multigrain several times but not with your flour combination's.

Thanks for sharing.


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Doc Tracy

Yes, our seasons are so different. It's supposed to get above 80 today and I'm starting to have a bit of dread that summer is getting very close. New tomatoes have a few blossoms, older eggplants and peppers are producing.


Thanks for the compliment! If I can learn to bake half as nice of breads as yours I'll be happy. I continue to challenge myself with the wholegrains and ryes. They just taste so good.