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100% whole wheat sandwich bread

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100% whole wheat sandwich bread

Easily the best non-sourdough loaf I have ever made. Followed instructions to the letter.

What surprised me the most was how incredibly light the loaf was. Very good for morning toast. Best within 3-4 days. Thank you Peter Reinhart and BBA!



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Doc Tracy

I bake the 100% Whole wheat sandwich bread from PR's whole grains book a lot. It's one of my favorite staple breads. My plan this week is to try it with a SD starter instead of yeast. This is a great recipe. I haven't compared it to the BBA formula to see what the differences are.

Nice looking loaf!

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Matter of fact, I'd planned on baking a couple loaves this weekend but pooped out. (I only baked 5 loaves of other breads. I'm a slacker, I guess). It is a personal all-time favorite toasted with almond butter and for BLT's. 

Tracy: I've made both the BBA 100% whole wheat and the Fundimental Whole Wheat from PR's Whole Grain book, the latter as a sourdough. I prefer the yeasted version from BBA, personally. I find I don't like the flavor combination of sourdough and WW.

Of course, your preference may differ from mine.


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The picture must be white whole wheat.  Mine comes out so much darker and more dense.  I too followed Rheinhart's recipe over two days.  Taste is great and it stays fresh a long time but I would sure love it to be a bit softer and less dense.  Any suggestions?