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Three cheers for ears!!

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Three cheers for ears!!

Today, finally, I got some bloomin ears!  

I've been playing with Susan (Wild Yeast) Norwich Sourdough and Floyd's San Joaquin sourdough on this site. I found the first too firm and sour, the second too slack and not sour enough, so I worked out my own formula...a happy marriage between the two.  And lo and behold---ears for the first time ever (in a dough not cooked in a dutch oven).  As it happens, I donated the bread for a friend's dinner party so no crumb shots.

I'm not sure what made the could be that I added about 200 gram Gold Medal AP to the Morbread AP I usually use.

The formula:

300 g firm starter

620 g water

730 g unbleached AP flour (530 g Morbread, and 200 g Gold Medal)

120 g dark rye flour

23 g salt






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The bread and ears look great!


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Those look great, quite an accomplishment

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Fab.......hopefully one day I'll follow.....Well done......did you use a straight blade or serrated one ?

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Thanks!  I used a curved lame ... a specifically designed bread slashing tool.  You can make your own using a double sided razor blade and a coffee stirrer, though I bought mine.