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Viking 7qt-Are they any good? No reviews on the website

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Doc Tracy

Viking 7qt-Are they any good? No reviews on the website

I'm in the market for a new mixer and noticed that the Viking on the King Arthur website looks pretty nice. But, there are virtually no reviews on the 7qt, 1,000watt mixer. Just wondering what your experiences are with this line of mixer and/or if there would be a better mixer in the $500 range to replace my puny 4qt 300watt kitchen aid. I will be delegating my KA to the tasks of egg whipping, preparing produce for the freezer and grinding meat into hamburger, saving the bigger dough tasks for a tougher mixer.

Although I've developed my skills to the point that I do about 75% of my kneading by hand, it's still awfully nice to throw a batch of heavy rye dough in the mixer and at least be able to do the first 5 minutes in the mixer, finish off by hand. Right now that's an impossiblity unless I split the recipe and only do one loaf.

Thanks for your comments!

Doc Tracy

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and I love of my standard breads is Jeffrey Hamelman's 5-Grain Levain and my old KA mixer always strained with this formula. The Viking handles it with ease.

I've made heavy cookie doughs and gluten-free breads (heavy batter) and couldn't be happier with the 7 qt. Viking. Some people mentioned that you have to be careful when the head is tilted back and an attachment is in that you don't accidentally turn it on.

It's so powerful compared to my old KA I feel like I have a BMW on my counter.

Hope this helps,


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Doc Tracy

This is really good to know. I wonder why there aren't any reviews on it?

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I have one also and love it.  It is a workhorse.  Not so good for just one or two eggs though... I can't seem to adjust the beater low enough for that for some reason. I also love how the attachments like the blender go right on top.

Not sure why it is so hard to find any reviews!  I love that the head lifts easy to add everything.