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Homemade Pizza Peel

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Homemade Pizza Peel

After looking for a pizza peel for home use I decided to try and make one after getting a cheap (£2) non-stick baking (cookie) sheet from the UK store Wilkinsons, only trouble is that now i'm in the dog-house for shortening a broom handle for my baking toy!.  Cheers, Steve




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Can you show a view of the bottom to show more detail on how the handle is attached.

Side view too.


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Such a great idea, I'm surprised noone else thought this up a long time ago.

Did you use a broom stick for the handle?  Or is it 3/4" dowel?

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Hi all, The handle is just a piece of sawn off broom handle which is why i've now got a broom only suitable for those of restricted height.  As the baking sheet is quite flexible the handle is longer underneath as that also suited the small nuts n' bolts I had in the garage as this was a credit crunch solution to the problem. For those with cash and live nr London pukka pizza peels are available from Pages in Shaftesbury Ave nr Cambridge Circus (£14  for a small one) my design is Pat Pending...... as it is a prototype i'm thinking of countersinking the nuts for a smoother look and a nice hardwood handle would look posher! doubt it would be man enough for some of the behemoth miches i've seen on these pages,  but a 12" pizza should be fine. Thanks for the interest, Steve