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Hits a little close to home . . . ;-)

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Hits a little close to home . . . ;-)

Maybe some of you saw this recent Onion feature and thought, "I know someone like that . . ."

How about a little test for deciding if your enthusiasm for breadmaking is a cause for alarm:

1. I bake enough bread to _____.

a. Feed myself (1 pt)

b. Feed myself and my family (2 pts)

c. Feed myself, my family, and the family next door (4 pts)

d. Feed myself, my family, the family next door, and all my co-workers (10 pts)

2. I have created ____ spreadsheets to calculate baker's percentages.

a. zero (1 pt)

b. 1 (2 pts)

c. >1 (4 pts)

3. If a forum post fails to include a crumb shot, I _______.

a. notice but refrain from commenting (1 pt)

b. comment on its absence (2 pts)

c. skip the thread entirely (4 pts)

4. King Arthur Flour _______.

a. is kinda pricey (1 pt)

b. is worth the investment (2 pts)

c. doesn't offer the complexity and depth of flavor offered by organic flour ground in my hand-cranked mill (4 pts)

5. Commercial yeast is ______.

a. perfectly acceptable (1 pt)

b. okay for beginners (2 pts)

c. heresy in a jar; when I travel to visit family, I bring my wild yeast starter (4 pts)


5-8 points = you're a practical baker who may even slice a loaf before it has cooled.

9-12 points = people regard your baking as a healthy pastime, but know better than to praise Panera in your presence.

13-16 points = everyday life intrudes on your breadmaking.

17-26 points = the folks at TFL are the only ones who really understand you ;-)

* no, not that kind.


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Hahaha, I got a perfect score! What a surprise.


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I got 19...  I'm just on the cusp of being extremely wierd...

1. d

2. c

3. a

4. c

5. a


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I think the test has lopped off the right hand tail of the gaussian distribution where I hang out entirely.

1. I bake enough to feed myself and my family, but I eat a lot of bread myself.

2. I didn't get extra points for having created 11 spreadsheets.

3. If a post doesn't include a crumb shot, I demand one!

5. I didn't get extra points for taking my own instant yeast and my own starter and some specialty flours on trips.

On the other hand, besides TFL, all my family, friends and co-workers understand me perfectly. Whether or not that's a good thing is a matter of opinion.



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Well everyone needs more than one baker's percent spreadsheet - I mean, you need one for lean or semi-lean breads and one for highly enriched breads.  It's also handy to have one for straight dough.  I mean, you can modify the one for use with pre ferments for that, but it really is easier just to make another.  I have to get 4 points for that?

And I had to take a measley 1 point because commercial yeast is perfectly acceptable - I mean why waste a levain on a decorative live dough piece? And why travel with a stater when you can just whip one up yourself.  In a hotel room.  In Japan...

I am normal.  I am!


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That I only managed a 6,  considering my partner reckons I care more about my bread than her!,  very amusing quiz.  Cheers, Steve

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The Onion piece led to a few chuckles among my family and friends :-)

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Mini Oven

I lucked out in the spreadsheet catagory and one n.a. on the KA flour.   Still left wondering if the best score is the lowest or the highest.  This test is rigged to identify the sheet geeks.