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I hear great things about this myserious "Salba Seed", and go to look it up online.

one bunch of people say its the same thing, (perhaps grown slightly differently, seems unclear) as Chia. ... ... as in chia pets....

anyone have any testimony/opinion/thoughts on the difference, if any between the expensive-as-hell Salba, and the not-that-expensive Chia?

now I never knew that chia seeds were something some people had as a dietary supplement, but aside from that, does anyone use these in bread? is the amount that could be reasonably used in bread too little to be worth it? can it be ground and used as a non-gluten flour? anyone TRIED? does the healthy stuff in it stand up to heat of bread baking?

how would it best be used if it were to be used in yeast bread? like corn meal? any idea if it should be soaked or if it absorbs much water?

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well there ya go. thanks,   didn't even occur to me, the search function on forums I've been used to using, never worked, so I didn't even think of it.

looks like I'll be getting some chia seeds next shopping trip.


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I started using chia seeds a year ago and I really like it.  I use chia gel, not straight chia seeds,  in my yeast breads.  I soak 1/3 cup of seeds in 2 cups of water to make the gel.  It tends to keep my yeast bread moist and fresh longer.  I like lemon-chia and orange-chia breads. 

I don't buy Salba because it's a lot more expensive than the chia seeds in a health food store.  Regular chia seeds work just fine for me.


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Aussie Pete

Hi from Australia,

I don't know a lot about chia other than what I've read on the internet. What prompted me to search was that a large national bread chain was promoting chia bread and it's health benifits. After researcing chia I think I will be buying some at our local health food shop as well. The chain of shops just add it into their white loaves and promote it as a Chia Bread.

Let us all know how you go.........cheers from down under..........Pete