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KAF Flour on sale

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KAF Flour on sale

in Northern California, at Safeway Stores.  I found KAF AP, Bread, Whole Wheat and White Whole Wheat all on sale today (and until April 6th accoring to the shelf tag) for $3.99 / 5# bag.  That is not as low as I saw it there at Christmas, but it is quite a lot better than the $5.99 usual everyday price en my small town.

I also found KAF AP flour at Smart and Final today for $8.19 per 10# bag.  That is not quite a low as Safeway, but still better than the everyday price at Safeway.  It was not marked as a sale or promotional item, but I imagine it is, nonetheless.


In hopes it allows some of you to save some $$$.

btw:  I looked at all the other flours on the shelf at S&F and there was not one single other unbleached flour in the lot.  Giant bags of several brands, but all were bleached, enriched, and even some self-rising.  I was dissappointed, as I expected to find some less expensive alternatives to at least try out.  Not this week I guess.


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That smart and final price sounds like the normal price at the store near me in San Francisco.

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I used to get KAF AP at Smart and Final in NorCal, it's a decent price; and I agree, it's frustrating that they have several other flours in 50 lb sacks, but they are all bleached, etc.  At least I can pick up SAF yeast there too.

Now I get Central Milling Organic AP at Costco for like (I totally forget actually) $14 for two 10 lb bags.  It seems to be a little higher ash content than KAF AP, which might not be ideal for sweet white breads, but I like it.  This flour is actually the reason we got a membership to Costco.  My family buys almost nothing else there (a few cheeses, seafood and toilet paper) as we buy almost entirely orcanic produce and virtually no packaged food items.  I figured out buying flour there would pay for itself in a few months with as much as I bake at home and to take to work.

I do use KAF bread flour for a few things though, so I might have to stop by Safeway and stock up.  Thanks for the tip!