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St.Johns Bread

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St.Johns Bread

I'm looking for the recipe for St.Johns Bread. Affectionally refered to as Johney Bread. Its from St Johns University in St.Cloud,Minnesota. Ive tried various sources with no luck.



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Postal Grunt

Johnny bread is a quick bread that is for all intents and purposes, a corn bread.

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Though that's what I call cornbread. This is bread made by the monks/priests and I bet it was a great WW bread-they always make great bread! Why don't you contact the university and see if they will share the recipe?

"Saint John's University has produced its own coarse-grained bread, Johnnie Bread, since 1856 and used the proceeds to fund projects such as the Abbey Church."

According to Wikipedia.

You can even have either the bread or a mix sent to you. Maybe you can reverse engineer a recipe.

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Take a look at page 2 of the January 15, 1948 issue of the student newspaper, "The Record".