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spray dried malt storage

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spray dried malt storage

I use spray dried malt powder (commonly used for beer brewing) for the sugar in multi grain loaves.

But it has tended to cake hard enough that it requires a trip thru the grinder to make it usable again.

Has anyone any storage tips for this stuff, to keep it flowing?

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DME is very hydroscopic, and most plastic bags, despite their wall thickness, allow water vapor molecules to pass through them. You didn't say what your dry malt was presently stored in, but my guess is a plastic bag.

I've found storing DME in tightly sealed glass jars slow down the caking a lot, but doesn't completely eliminate it. I think the malt absorbs all the humidity in the air you let in each time you open it.

David G (baker and homebrewer/vintner)

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Jane Llewellyn

You can place a piece of bread in the container (not plastic) to absorb the water. In the Caribbean, we do that to keep the sugar from clumping, and I imagine it would work for this also.

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The DME I have purchased in the past comes in a bag I believe is Mylar.  I do not have a serious clumping problem. After opening it is somewhat more of an issue but not to the extent that it turns into a brick.  Hope this helps you.

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But I've never seen Mylar container bags for sale. I buy DME (distributed by the biggee Crosby and Baker who supply almost every homebrew shop in the USA). It comes in a heavy wall-thickness plastic bag, that helps a lot, but it isn't Mylar.

David G

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Andrew S


Spraymalt can pull the tiniest bit of moisture from the air.

If you use a regular amout, weigh it up as soon as the bag is first opened and put into plastic bags.


Put these bags into glass woth a good tight lid.

It will get sticky eventually!

Andrew S


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