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Mechanical bakers scale

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Mechanical bakers scale

I'm interested in a mechanical professional bread scale. Having had the LCD go bad on my second Salter digital scale, I'm back in the scale market once again. I do about seven loaves at a time so the ingredient weights are large enough that a scale like a Penn that does 1/4 ounce increments would work just fine.Unfortunately, I have no experience with that brand of scale or any professional bakers scale.

So I'd just like to query those of you who do use a professional mechanical scale as to your preferred brand.

I see some of the brand names are Edlund, Penn Scale, Pelouze Scales to name a few. Thanks for your suggestions.

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If you want a rugged, reasonably accurate scale in the 5-15 kg range then you will have to pay for it.  There are various industrial and laboratory equipment suppliers findable by Google that carry brands such as Ohaus and Mettler, but you will find that a good mechanical scale will cost $150 and up.  

Which is also the price of an Ohaus or high-end MyWeigh digital scale.  Admittedly you have to go to the very expensive industrial digital scales before you find one that takes kindly to have 5 kg of dough tossed at it as might happen in a production environment so from that perspective a mechanical might still be preferable, but then keep in mind you will also need to accurate calibration weights (a low range and a high range) to reset the mechanical scale from time to time and those will add to the cost.


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I used a mechanical baker's scale in culinary school and found them to be slow and a real pain. I now bake at least 10-12 1lb loaves daily (I am a pastry chef) and use a My Wiegh KD 7000. Fast, accurate, qand consistently reliable., also the choice of many chef"s.

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Thank you for the input, that is just what I was looking for.