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Banneton cloth or no cloth and...

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Doc Opa

Banneton cloth or no cloth and...

I just scored a huge willow banneton from the local Goodwill.  $2.00 and in great condition so I just had to rescue it.   Inside dimensions are 12 3/4" diameter and 5 1/2" deep.  Any ideas on how much dough to put in by weight for a banneton this size?  I would also like to hear opinions on whether you use them with or without cloth. FYI  I'm just a home cook who is a few months away from finishing a backyard wood fired oven.  I do have another banneton that is much smaller but this huge one would be fun for family gatherings or to just cut in half or quartered to share with friends.



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copyu my opinion, it's a 'Brotform' and you can 'transform' that (Brot)'form' into a 'banetton' by adding a cloth...Linen is the preferred, material, I believe, but 50% linen and cotton works well, too.) You'd be luckier than I am, if you could find real linen, nowadays...most liners for Brotformen /banettons are 100% cotton now. I've never used them, but I always use my Lithuanian linen towels when cloth might make contact with dough.

Since you're using inches, I'd say well over a couple of pounds of dough would go well in there, probably 3lb or more. Ideal for big parties!

I use mostly 8" (200mm) which are designed for about 1lb; 9" should accommodate 1.5lb; 10.5" is big enough for 2lb, according to one or two online suppliers.

Willow is nice for a Brotform. You're lucky to have found them, especially at the price you paid!



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Renee L

Unless things have changed drastically in the past two years, you can find linen at needlework stores -- it's commonly used for more complicated counted cross stitch patterns.  You'll even get a choice of squares per inch!

I'll warn you -- the linen will be more expensive than if you were able to find it at a regular fabric store -- but you'll likely find it at your local Michael's or A.C. Moore.

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...but my nearest AC Moore's, et al, are all over 6,500 miles away! (I live near Tokyo.)

We DID have 2 fantastic fabric shops here, but the only conveniently-located ones were boarded-up within the past two months...Tke economy is pretty bad over here. <Deep sigh!>

I know what you mean about prices, though. I paid over $10 apiece for my Lithuanian linen kitchen towels. (Some are only 50% linen!) Those two are for wine glasses and the rest are reserved for contact with bread dough.