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That Challenge thing....

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That Challenge thing....

The BBA Challenge is over for several of the participants!  So far, I think four of us are done, including the one and only Txfarmer, who posted the last bread on her Chinese blog yesterday


I am feeling in between relieved and sad  :-)


If anyone wants to see my last post, where there's a slideshow for all the 43 breads, feel free to visit my blog at

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Yes, we are DONE! Like I posted at the google group, it feels like at the finish line of a marathon (literally since I have run 4 of those) - exhausted with happiness, the thoughts of "wow, can't believe we've done something that crazy" and "yay, when's the next one" run through my mind at the same time.

For those of you who are interesting, here's my blog about the last bread: . Blog post is in Chinese, but there are lots of pictures, at the end of the article, there's a table of pictures of the other 42 breads, if you click on the picture, it will bring you to the corresponding blog article.

My favorite BBA bread is Italian Bread (simple ingredients, wonderful flavor), least favorite is the 100% rye (that one is universal among the challengers).


So.......who's up for baking through another book? Starting NOW?! Ha, just kidding!

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Since we've been pretty much keeping our Challenge efforts off TFL (I myself saw no sense inundating this place with that and we did have other outlets), we can at least mention them as we finish them up and anyone wanting to check out what will be a bazillion blog posts from everyone can then do so in one fell swoop.

So here's my BBA Challenge Final Entry:

This last recipe, Roasted Onion & Asiago Miche was really yummy - it's all gone already save for one lonely little wedge.

I've added a quick recap and review of the Challenge and mulling over a possible next project.

So if anyone wants to read up on what a bunch of slightly insane people did with 43 recipes in over 10 months or so, here's your chance! If you want, you can hop back in the archives to about mid May 2009 in people's blogs to see where we (mostly) all started the Challenge. 

It's been fun, educational and I've met tons of great baker friends.
Awesomess all around.