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Guinness-Rye bread

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La masa

Guinness-Rye bread

So, I happen to have a lot of rye flour, because of a communication problem when placing my order :-/

I usually add a small percentage of rye to my flour mix, but now I'm forced to try 100% rye loaves in every bake.

This week rye loaf was loosely based on Dan Lepard's 100% rye bread from "The Art Of Handmade Bread",

I soaked 50 gr of wheat berries in a bottle (330 ml) of Guinness Special Export overnight, and then boiled them for 45' on a very low heat, till the berries were tender.

Beat in 65 gr of rye flour and let it cool.

Then I weighted the thing to calculate how much liquid had been lost 'cause of the simmering, which happened to be 120 gr   8-o

I intended to make a 100% hydration dough, so added 170 gr water, 200 gr rye sourdough starter and 300 gr rye flour.

Mixed the whole sticky thing, shaped a (more or less) batard, put it on a baneton end let it rise overnight.

I think it overproofed since we reached 19ºC tonight, quite surprising in this season, but I have little experience with 100% rye doughs, so I can't really know.

It stuck to the baneton as you can see, but the loaf turned out beatiful enough for me.



A very easy, great tasting bread. Great with butter and smoked salmon, btw.


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I was just going to ask if anyone has made sourdough beer breads lately!! Tonight, I made a loaf myself using a very strong stout, sourdough starter, AP flour, WW flour, and some rye. Although I knew my starter was very active, the dough never doubled even after 7 hours... Well, I shaped it into loafs anyway and waited for almost 4 hours more... Not much happened, and I thought about fermenting over night, but I don't have time to bake tomorrow, so I just went ahead and baked them. (I sprinkled sharp cheddar on top of one loaf and blue cheese on another.) To my surprise, they sprang high in the oven and had lots of large holes. I do wonder if the result would have been better if I had let it rise over night as you did...

Thanks for sharing your recipe. I think I'm going to give this a try soon!

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Man, that looks mouthwateringly great!!!

Can one live on bread (and toppings) alone? I think I might have to, since my list of things to bake and my impatience at tasting them might overwhelm any other urges and sanity ;p