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Bacheldre Watermill's Oak Smoked Malted Blend Sourdough Bread

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zoltan szabo

Bacheldre Watermill's Oak Smoked Malted Blend Sourdough Bread

Hello to everyone,

I would like to share with you guys my todays loaf. I used Bacheldre Watermill's Oak Smoked Malted Blend Strong Flour plus my old good sourdough.


Tasting notes:

Crispy but chewy crust, slightly smokey flavour with excellence after taste + nice sour flavours.


  • Flour (Bacheldre Watermill's Oak Smoked) 100%
  • Water 64%
  • Sourdough starter (100% hydration) 34%
  • SAlt 2%
  • Oil 2.5%

Mix F+W+SS+O for two minute then add salt and mix for another few minutes until the dough smooth elastic and slightly sticky.

Proof for 6 hrs on room temperature, then push down with your hands, let it rest for another 4hrs.

Deflate, knead for 8 minutes then place into a gently floured bannetton. Let it proof on room temp. for 3hrs.

Heat the oven 220C with the baking tray, when the tray is hot dust with flour or semolina then pour over gently the loaf. Slash it then place into the oven. I baked for 30 min closed door then the last 5 minutes half open door. Remove to wire rack to cool.


Hope you guys like this!

Happy Baking!




LindyD's picture

Nice looking bread.

I don't believe smoked flour is available in the U.S., but I guess you could always experiment by adding a drop or two of liquid smoke to rye.

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zoltan szabo

Hi LindyD,

Thanks for the kind comment!

Have a look on the waitrose website you possibly able to order from it.

Liquid smoke..........possibly would work, but i never tried or used before.

Happy Baking!


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Mini Oven

"Malted Blend"

Any interesting details on the package? 

Like how much malt is in it? 

Or what other kinds of flour it contains? 


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This sounds like an interesting experiment. After looking at it closely, it looks to me that they are smoking some rolled wheat and blending it with a bread flour.

My questions to you are, does the smoke flavor transfer to the flour so you can smell the smokiness in the crumb? And, are the rolled wheat flakes crunchy or do they soften up when hydrated in the dough?

The crumb has a great wholesome looking caramel look to it. Thanks for sharing Zoltan