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100% Rye loaf

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100% Rye loaf

A Loaf of 100%Rye sourdough in a pan.



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Mebake- great job! Looks like it was perfectly baked. 

Did you use any whole rye berries in there with the sunflower seeds? 

Which formula did you follow for this loaf?

Looks great. 

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Post the recipe!!!!  I like the idea of the sunflower seeds on top.  You've made me want to do another rye, but I'll wait for your recipe to try it.  The last one I made ("Erics Favorite Rye") turned out great - I froze one loaf, but I'm trying to save my frozen bread for the summer-time when I know I won't bake much. 

Also, I love your pan!  What kind is it?  The little handles on the ends appeal to me and it looks longer (but maybe that is the camera angle). 



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Invlovewbread, yes i used pre-soaked in hot water : Rye Berries, and sunflower seeds. Formula will follow.

Mary, thanks. I picked up the pan from IKEA, and yes it is long and deep. I can see how pleasent and appealing Whole Sourdough Rye should be for you and everyone else here, especiialy seeded version. The sunflower seeds idea came from a bread my dad used to like: Nordic / Norlander bread.

As to the recipe, i'll have to write it down, as it was from the : Wholegrain breads book of Peter Reinhart. Only differences were in the shaping and Fermentation. I shaped the dough into a pan loaf, instead of a boule, and 3.5 hours bulk fermentation with 3 stretchs and folds (i wouldn't call it stretch though, kind of like scrape, and fold) and for three hours and 1/2 final fermentation of panned loaf.

My dad said he loved the bread so much, but the crust was harder than he likes. I would have to cover the loaf with aluminum foil after 1/2 hour of baking and cover the loaf with a towel after baking to make the crust tender, as with Norlander bread.


I'll get back with the recipe as soon as i can.